October 8, 2009

Jane Adams, you are a bitch

Wow.   This is amazing. It pisses me off in so many ways.

I understand why the restaurant is so concerned with its image but give me a break. This woman walked out on her $14 tab. Plain and simple. Any of you who have worked in a restaurant know that if a customer dines and dashes, your manager will literally kick your ass out the door to chase them down the street.  And in some places the server will get stuck paying the tab out of his or her pocket. It is simply not acceptable for a grown-up (especially a “celebrity”) to eat at a restaurant and not pay. OK, so you “left your wallet in your car.” Go get it and come right back. Have one of your entourage or your driver or your fellow actors who have nothing but time and money bring you $20.  Don’t think because you’re on a TV show, you don’t have to pay for the food you eat.

This also brings up some really interesting questions about how free those who deal with the public are to speak about their jobs. Would it be OK for Jon-Barrett Ingels to tweet about the same thing if it were a non-famous customer? It’s not like he was even making it up; it did happen. And he wasn’t completely negative about it; he complimented her acting for chrissakes! Servers by trade deal all day with people who have delusions of grandeur, so why is it such a crime to point it out when it happens? The bitch should be thanking him for putting her on the radar (who the hell is this woman anyway? I’ve never even heard of her or her show).

I just feel horrible that he got fired for this. I know there are millions of worse injustices in the world, but this one just really upsets me. It’s not enough that you get walked on all day, but when you try to express yourself in order to deal with your crappy job, you get fired for it. I hope Jane Adams is happy that her absentmindedness (or maybe just cheapness) and her bitchy little tirade cost someone the ability to make a living.

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