November 25, 2009

Bein thankful...ur doin it rite!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

As you prepare and serve your holiday feast (personally, I just finished making the cranberries) I hope you will not only take the time to realize how thankful you are for your friends and family, your health and the awesome food you're about to devour, I hope you'll *perhaps* remember all the service employees (retail, food and otherwise) who work on holidays. I can't even count the number of busy Wednesday night close/Thanksgiving morning opens I've had to pull in my life. It's really stressful!

Also, be thankful for all the wonderful servers and cooks who make and serve you delicious food (and clean up after you) every time you go out to eat. Think of how tired you are after cooking for and serving 12 people...see why there is such thing as a tip?

But seriously, Happy Thanksgiving and be well!

November 21, 2009

Waitress Hell

I had forgotten all about this old Heavens to Betsy song, Waitress Hell (you may know Corin Tucker from H2B from her later band, Sleater-Kinney). Their only album, Calculated came out in 1994 and I think I first heard it around 1995 or so, after I'd gotten obsessively into Bikini Kill and was a full-fledged Riot Grrrl (or at least the tamer, teenage, polite midwestern English-class revolutionary version of a Riot Grrrl). Listening to it now, it's just as good. Maybe even better now that I've lived it.

miss, i need another glass, this one is smudged and my
lips are too precious for this
we want the window table clear and set it for us
it's not too busy for us
bring a million different things to my table on a silver
platter you've got nothing better to do
if you smile really big and kiss my whitey ass
maybe you'll get a dollar today

you're going to waitress hell
you're gonna burn in my hell

yeah i just do this job for a hobby so
don't worry about a tip
4.25/hr suits me fine yeah i just love to serve
sure i'll take your plate your glass your bowl and then
i'll wipe your chin
and in the end i'm covered in your shit-
you look at me like i'm the dirty one

you're going to waitress hell
you're gonna burn in my hell