September 26, 2010

How DO you deal with a bitchy waitress? Hmm. Let's ask the Internet.

Oh, Yahoo! Answers. You never fail to be unintentionally hilarious. Handy tip for dining out: "If she hits you, sue tf outta her."

SMBHBD is famous!

OK, maybe not famous. But a little more well known, across the pond at least. The very awesome Teal Triggs, who is a professor, author and scholar of all things graphic design at London College of Communication, happens to be a fan of She Must Be Having a Bad Day. She was a guest blogger on the (very legit) London-based blog It's Nice That last week, and in her list of favorite zines she gave SMBHBD a super-nice shout-out.

Teal is not only publishing a book about zine design (Fanzines, which comes out in October and which I'm so excited to read), but she runs a really cool blog herself, Zine Weekly. BUY HER BOOK. SERIOUSLY.

This also means that the many people who followed the link to this here blog from It's Nice That (thank you!) have tipped the scales. When I checked the blog stats the other day, the number-one country  of origin for visits was the United Kingdom! I don't know why so many Brits, Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish folks looking at my lil' old blog makes me so nervous and excited, but it does. I hereby promise to update more often. You know, for the Brits.

September 25, 2010

It never fails

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever, ever stop thinking like a food-serving drone. Am I doomed to a life of waiting on others, or at least thinking I should be? I stopped into one of my favorite Middle Eastern restaurants the other day to order lunch to go. While I was waiting for my food (which took forever, but was totally worth it), I watched the restaurant's one server. As she performed the elaborate lunch rush dance of taking orders, bringing them back into the kitchen, bringing out food, ringing customers up and clearing their dishes, I anticipated almost every movement. As customers at a table finished eating, I knew she would be out momentarily to bring their check and clear their plates. I knew when she'd come out to fill the water glasses.

That multi-tasking thought process isn't necessarily something I want to forget, but it's not necessarily what I want to think about while waiting for my delicious chicken kebabs and hummus.

September 19, 2010

She Must Be Having a Bad Day #2 is available!

It's been a while but I guess I never mentioned this: She Must Be Having a Bad Day #2 is out! I sold a bunch at Twin Cities Zinefest in July and have already had to print a second run, which I believe is a personal record. My favorite online zine retailer, Microcosm, will be selling it and you can always buy copies directly from me if you'd like (shemustbehaveingabadday [at] gmail [dot] com). The second zine has quite a few contributions from other servers/baristas and even includes a longer fiction piece! I'll be posting some snippets every once in a while.