November 25, 2009

Bein thankful...ur doin it rite!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

As you prepare and serve your holiday feast (personally, I just finished making the cranberries) I hope you will not only take the time to realize how thankful you are for your friends and family, your health and the awesome food you're about to devour, I hope you'll *perhaps* remember all the service employees (retail, food and otherwise) who work on holidays. I can't even count the number of busy Wednesday night close/Thanksgiving morning opens I've had to pull in my life. It's really stressful!

Also, be thankful for all the wonderful servers and cooks who make and serve you delicious food (and clean up after you) every time you go out to eat. Think of how tired you are after cooking for and serving 12 people...see why there is such thing as a tip?

But seriously, Happy Thanksgiving and be well!

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