October 1, 2010

Slowy McSlowpoke

Some of you have written to tell me that Microcosm is sold out of zine #1. It's true--and it's totally my fault. Microcosm ordered more a while ago and because of several reasons (work, more work, leaving a stack of copies sitting at Kinko's and not realizing until a couple days later...) I haven't gotten more to them. But thanks to the many manic sleepless nights I experience (which were the subject of a completely different zine a few years ago), I'll be sending issues #1 and #2 off, fresh from the printer, tomorrow. Microcosm should have them in a few days, and if you'd like you can order them directly from me: shemustbehavingabadday [at] gmail [dot] com. Word.

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