September 25, 2010

It never fails

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever, ever stop thinking like a food-serving drone. Am I doomed to a life of waiting on others, or at least thinking I should be? I stopped into one of my favorite Middle Eastern restaurants the other day to order lunch to go. While I was waiting for my food (which took forever, but was totally worth it), I watched the restaurant's one server. As she performed the elaborate lunch rush dance of taking orders, bringing them back into the kitchen, bringing out food, ringing customers up and clearing their dishes, I anticipated almost every movement. As customers at a table finished eating, I knew she would be out momentarily to bring their check and clear their plates. I knew when she'd come out to fill the water glasses.

That multi-tasking thought process isn't necessarily something I want to forget, but it's not necessarily what I want to think about while waiting for my delicious chicken kebabs and hummus.

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